In the course of miniaturization and increasing the speed of digital components, the development of large image storage
units and the realization of a materialless (without film copies)
final-page assembly is feasable. This includes:

- Picture-in-picture montage
- Color corrections: true to color for real-time printing
- Image size change
- Text-in-picture montage of finished text

In the year 1977 the first ideas for electronic image data processing
are coming up at Hell.
The Combiskop image processing station was demonstrated at the
GEC in Milan already in 1979.
The first complete Chromacom system (system scanner / recorder
together with combiskop) was launched at IPEX in 1980.
(International Printing Machinery and Allied Trades Exhibition)
presented in Birmingham.The DC350S / CP340 / 341S and
the DC 380S are serving as image data input-output devices.
The high-performance scanner S 3010 and Tango / Primescan in
combination with the various job preparation devices will be launched
a bit later.
The job preparation stations are increasing the productivity of the
expensive scanner by ChromaMount -mounting the original to the
drum- or by doing the color correction using the ChromaSet.
The film exposure (final page) is also carried out by the devices
mentioned above and later by the system recorders R 3020 and
R 3030. The offset plate setters represent the end of the recorder development.
At this point at the latest, the use of "film" has become obsolete,
the entire repro process is digitized throughout.

system development in 1977      (German)


Floppydisk 8 Zoll Funkionsbeschreibung
                           Siemens 1976



Combiskop 1984        (catalogue; German)

The "heart" of picture data processing


ChromaCom 1000 1988

ChromaCom 2000 1988   Catalogue
Additional information about ChromaCom System
(taken from "Klischograph"; German))
Verbundbetrieb im Chromacom              (1982)

DaVinci     (1993)

Based on the experience of ChromaCom develop-ment, the DaVinci image processing system has been developed by the company Linotype-Hell.
DaVinci marks the end of the dedicated
EBV workstation development.

An overview of the entire range of system devices including work preparation devices and the connection to DTP








System Scanner

ChromaGraph S 3010

Kulturdenkmal SH en

         catalogue; German
         catalogue; German



System Scanner

Tango / Primescan (1997)

Kulturdenkmal SH en




System Recorder

ChromaGraph R 3020/R 3030

Kulturdenkmal SH en

          (catalogue; German)