Company's history


The ceremonial magazine for
the inauguration of the new house
in Berlin,1932
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Festschrift Einweihung neues Haus 1Seite 1932 02 15   
The work rules, an agreement between
          Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell
      the works council, 1959
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 Betriebsordnung 1959 Page 2  
Conversion of the company from a
       limited partnership (KG)
                     to a
   limited liability company (GmbH)
Out of:   "für uns alle"  , 1971
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 Firma Hell Umwandlung KG in GmbH 1971 07 23  
Auf den Punkt gebracht
150 Jahre Heidelberg, Standort Kiel
An overview of the life of
             Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell
and a foray through all technical
    developments of our company.
Mr. C.Onnasch, Kiel 2000
(Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
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 Auf den Punkt gebracht 2000  
The founding of the company
Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell in Kiel, 1947
Interview between Mr. Sütel and
Mr. C.Onnasch, 2001
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 Interview Neugruendung Firma Dr Rudolf Hell  
Rudolf Hell zum 100. Geburtstag
   (Rudolf Hell's 100th birthday)
The career of   Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell
and the development of his company
Mr. B. Schreier; 2001
(Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)

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Rudolf Hell zum 100sten Geburtstag  
Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell,
der Jahrhundert- Ingenieur
A very detailed essay on Dr. Hell and all
development branches of the company.
Herr B.Fuchs and Herr C. Onnasch; 2005
German, file size: 10,8 Mbyte
Dr Ing Rudolf Hell Der Jahrhundertingenieur