About the history of the chess group
The chess group (HELL chess club) was founded in 1979 by Mr. Rudolf Angeli and was run as one of Hell's company sports groups.

The start as a separate club (now "Schachgemeinschaft Hell der Freizeitgemeinschaft Bauernhaus, Suchsdorf e.V.") in the Kiel chess world was in October 1981, where a much-noticed simultaneous tournament was organized with one of the most well-known chess players, grandmaster Vlastimil Hort.wurde.
During this time, the club usually had two teams, with the first playing in district class A, but also playing as the highest in the association league. The second team usually only played in one of the Kiel district leagues.
The club was very active for many years, taking part in federal cup games and various regional tournaments through individual members and organizing a summer party in the farmhouse every summer.
When in 1991/1992 fewer and fewer people came to the farmhouse - the club still had 22 members at that time, half of whom were already passive - there was an initiative to transfer the club to the Postsportverein Kiel. This was obvious, since some of the active, long-standing members worked at the post office, and the post sports club had a club house with a restaurant at the Eckernförder Strasse.

On 06/11 In 1992 the decision was made to dissolve the chess club (SGB) and join the postal sports club at the same time.