Scanner: Special application




The typical application of the Hell drum scanner was and still is the production of 4 color separations for the printing of magazines, advertising leaflets, newspapers etc. Here the colors of the original are divided into the three color components yellow, magenta and cyan with the respective density values. The existing black content is calculated.

The scanner presented here is specially designed for scanning documents with up to 16 colors.

A template created by the artist, for example for textile printing, usually contains up to 16 different colors which, unlike 4-color printing, are NOT printed on top of each other for color mixing. This application involves up to 16 special color mixtures (shades) that the scanner must recognize. Only yes, no information is recognized and exposed on the film. Both the original and the output format are relatively large, which explains the particularly large scanning and recording drum.
Further areas of application are:
Facsimile, porcelain and decorative printing (wallpapers, decorative foils) and mapmaking.