Tango (Primescan) (1997)  

The Tango scanner, which was later renamed Primescan, is a drum scanner with a vertical drum, requiring only a small floor area. The scanner has only a scanning drum, and it is linked to a computer which stores the scanned pictures digitally. By means of a job planning software, many pictures, which are mounted on the drum, can be scanned and stored automatically with different scale factors. The pictures can be scanned with a very high resolution, up to 11,000 dpi.

As usual today, further processing of the pictures like color separation, color correction, and screening is done by software.



Tango Catalogue 1997           (German)
Tango Operation 1998           (English)
Primescan Operation 2001    (English)



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Already old but still so young:

In January 2021, this scanner family can still be operated on PC and
MAC workstations with the SilverFast software made by LaserSoft Imaging from Kiel.