DaVinci is the further development of the
                       "Chromacom Systems",
   to the high-end EBV workstation from Linotype-Hell.


The hardware is based on generally available industrial modules (Printed Circuit Boards made by Motorola). The software includes a standard operating system solution and application software developed by Linotype-Hell employees. This combines all the experiences and functions of the famous ChromCom software.
At the same time, DaVinci marks the end of the development
of dedicated EBV workstations.

Standard PCs and, above all, MAC workstations with previously unimaginable high
computing speeds and large storage capacities and sophisticated image / text
processing programs are becoming the all-dominant tools in reproduction technology.

Catalog:     DaVinci Prospekt 1993                    German

  DaVinci Power Prospekt 1995         German  



DaVinci launch in Japan       English/ Japanese