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Technical Collection Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell in Kiel                                       

Our website explains in simple terms the technique of image and text processing of the 1930s to 1998
and tries to bridge the gap to today's technology, as found in smartphones, tablets and most modern
printing press application.
Here we take you back to the beginnings of the inventions of Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell, on which today's
technologies are based on.
Original technical documents also provide those interested in technology with detailed insights into this
generally unknown technique, which is used by "everyone".
  HELL Werk1   dr hell gemaelde  
Company Hell - factory I
  Wetterkartengeber WF 204  
Duwe 4 1971
  Weather map transmitter WF 204
  Communication technology
*1901              †2002
Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell
  Chromagraph DC 300B   k200  
  Color scanner Chromagraph DC 300   Gravure machine Klischograph K 200  
     Reproduction technology  


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" Edison of the graphic industrie"
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