WeitSicht  (Vision)

On the occasion of the planning of a technical exhibition about Kiel inventions for seafaring, the "Verein Maritimes Viertel - Kultur am Kanal e. V." contacted our assosiation regarding the provision of devices of the inventor Dr. Hell.
This exhibition includes historical devices for navigation (e.g. gyrocompass, echo sounding), signalling ship's horn) and for communication.
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   Pictures from the exhibition at the "Maritimes Viertel" in Kiel

 The exhibition was opened from 05/07/2023 to 15/11/2023  (Germann)


 WeitSicht 2023 Deckseite

This book is available in the following Kiel bookstores at 10.00 Euros:
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or by E-Mail at Verein Maritimes Viertel:
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