Deutsches Schallplattenmuseum

German Record Museum

In 1948, Telefefunken Schallplatten GmbH started producing records in Nortorf.
The company was renamed TELDEC Schallplatten-Gesellschaft GmbH in 1950
and produced a total of 850 million shellac and vinyl records until the plant was
closed in 1987.

The clichés for the record labels were produced on the
                Hell Klischograph K 151

In the course of the redesign of the museum, which opened in 2002, our
Hell Verein was offered the Klischograph K 151 as a gift, which we could
not accept in this form for reasons of space. However, as shown in the film,
we were able to remove the most important parts of the K 151 as spare parts.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the board of the record museum.
in Nortorf
           A visit to the German Record Museum in 2021  
                Two very similar recording methods
                   The engravuring of a venyl record
                the engravur of an identification card
Gravur Ton illustration 2021 08 26


The Record Museum after the renovation in 2022

In May 2024, our association, together with other former employees of the
Hell company, organized a "company outing" to the record museum in Nortorf.
Our thanks go to a former work colleague for his detailed explanations about
the record technology.