Chromagraph C 185/ C186/ C187
As scanners of the first generation, these devices were offered as daylight scanners in three versions with recording drums (cassettes) of different sizes.
The length was between 1360 mm and 2000 m,
the weight about 350 kg.
The operator could not see the image while adjusting the color corrections to assess the effect of the color corrections (the image was not yet scanned or saved). So, the operator needed a lot of experience to adjust color corrections because the result was only visible when the image was printed.
The scanner can change the scale of an image during scanning, i.e. generally enlarging was used.
The scan line is temporarily stored, read out with the next rotation and, after being color-corrected, exposed to film mounted within the cassette.
So it is a scanner-recorder (popularly called "scanner"). It wasn't until the early 1980s that separate scanner and recorder devices came onto the market with the DC 3000 series.


C 185/ C 186/ C 187  TPG

    Prospekt 1965

      English (1,8 Mbyte)

C 185/ C 186/ C 187

    Prospekt 1966

       German ( 2,3 Mbyte)

Ich arbeite mit dem Chromagraph
      C 185

       Ein Erfahrungsbericht von 1965

        German ( 620 kByte)

Chromagraph Farbkorrekturgerät
      C 185/ C 186/ C 187

      aus Klischograph-1 -1965

        German (2,3 Mbyte)