Nexscan 4100/ 4200   (2000)
The Nexscan 4100/4200 is a flatbed scanner for reflective and trans-parent originals, that scans the originals with a 3 x 8000 pixel trilinear color CCD line. For bar scanning, a b / w CCD line with 12,000 pixels
is used.
This results in maximum optical scanning resolutions of 5080 dpi and 7040 dpi.
The camera can be moved to any position of the scanning surface, so the originals are always scanned with the highest possible resolution.
Nexscan catalogue F4000                    (English)


Already old but still so young:

In January 2021, this scanner family can still be operated on PC and
MAC workstations with the SilverFast software made by LaserSoft Imaging from Kiel.

This time the following images are available