Hellfax - Transceiver HF 1048
Facsimile devices transmit documents with only black and white pixels, i.e. Texts and drawings.
The device presented here is a further development of the HF 146 by Siemens.
When operating as a transmitter devive, the document to be transmitted is mounted to the drum.
The scanning unit attached to the optics trolley is guided past the rotating drum with the help
of the closed nut segment and the spindle. The scanning light is directed on the drum from above,
and the reflected light is converted into electrical signals by means of a photo cell.
The signals representing the black and white pixels are then sent over the transmission line.

HF 1048 Prinzipschaltbild de

In the receiving device, the incoming electrical signals are applied to a burning
needle and so writes or burns the black pixels on an electrosensory sheet
that is mounted onto the drum.
  Fernkopierer HF1048 catalogue  (German)  
  Fernkopierer HF1048 operation manual 1976   (German)  
  HF 1048, a facsimile machine for fast transmission   (German)      
  Facsimile transmission over the phone with the Hell facsimile device 1048 within 2 minutes    (German)  
The Hellfax
HF 1048
standard operation
Transmitter serial number   
Receiver serial number   
Receiver serial number   
Originale test template  
Test recording using the paper
for  weather chart recorder
BS 114

First test run

Recording using the paper  for HF 1048,
developed by the
company Siemens


  Thanks to Mr. K. Koch for providing two HF 1048,
the special burning needles and fax paper.
The Hell Fax
HF 1048
2 minutes operation


The technical differences to the HF 146:
- The tuning fork generator as a frequency standard is replaced by a quartz
- the drive belt set (for drum and optics trolley) has been replaced by gears and spindles
- The ink inking device has been replaced by an electric needle, so a special electrosensitive
    paper must be used
- Deviating from the CCITT standard, this device can transmit a DIN A4 page in conjunction with
     a second HF 1048 in 2 minutes (standard is 3 minutes)
Pictures of the opened device: