Data display device DS 2038

This data display device, based on the micro-processor system 8080, was introduced to the market in 1977 as an input and correction device for editorial text. Special commands are used to control the typographic properties such as fixed imposition, font size, typeface, etc.

The screen and the keyboard form a unit together with the actual computer, the two 8 inch floppy disk drives are installed separately in the FD-station.

The on-line connection with the typesetting computer (e.g. Siemens 3003/4004 and typesetting program DOSY) is established with a special interface.

It can be worked both, on-line and off-line.



DS 2038 operating manual 
                     40 pages   ;      11,4 MByte   ;   German
FD 2038 Betriebsanleitung           1980   
FD 2038 operating manual
                      48 pages   ;      13,2 MByte   ;   German