Digiset 50 T 1 / T2

The Digiset 50 T 1 is the first film imagesetter that was developed from 1964 for the newspaper, address and telephone book market.

In newspaper printing in particular, the unrivaled fast text setting speed is of outstanding importance. In this way, the newspaper page can be exposed shortly before the start of printing, re-exposed onto the printing plate, and then go to press.


The text information is supplied by the typesetting computer at
the necessary speed as dot information, so the exposure is again
done point by point, following the Hell principle.
The film itself is exposed using a large picture tube with a
resolution of 4000 dots/line (this corresponds to the resolution
of today's flat screens!)
The exposed film is developed within the device, then cut, dried
and placed in the collection basket.
         The timeline of the first Digiset development
Suggested by Dr. Hell in 1964
9 Pages  ;                1,9 Mbyte                  (German)
Calculation for the deflection amplifier of the Digiset picture tube
25 slides  ;                4,5 MByte      1969   (German)
12 pages  ;               1,9 MByte      1969   (German)
Digiset 50 T 1 in use at the customer
15 pages  ;                5,5 MByte      1970   (German)
Article out of Klischograph               1976  (German)
Digiste 50 T 2  A detailed device explanation
  8 pages   ;               8,1 MByte       1968
Digiset 50 T 2  Application
  3 pages   ;               1,1 MByte       1969