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Publication number   US000002113429A  to  US000003034105A
Publication period 1938 to 1963
Patent Number   Patent title Date
US000003034105A   Method of and apparatus for producing extended impulse combination sequences of extremely long period for use in coding machines 1962
US000003038024A   Device for improving the recording of received documents in a facsimile transmitter 1962
US000003051783A   Apparatus for enciphering-deciphering teleprinter communications 1962
US000003099706A   Electronic color correction in color copy reproduction 1963
US000003117182A   Facsimile transmitter 1964
US000003255313A   Electronic method of and apparatus for transmitting characters for facsimile sheet printing reception 1966
US000003329769A   Method and apparatus for facsimile electrostatic reproduction for telegraphy receivers 1967
US000003358123A   Device for transforming the hole combinations of a perforated master tape into corresponding combinations of contact potentials in devices used for cipher extension 1967
US000003374311A   Producing printing blocks, preferably intaglio printing blocks 1968
US000003400213A   Electrostatic telegraphic printer 1968
US000003582549A   Method of and apparatus for driving engraving machines of the drum type 1971
US000003688033A   Method of composing half-tone pictures by means of electronic phototype setters 1972
US000003710019A   Method and apparatus for determining data to be used by electronic photo-typesetting devices 1973
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