Friday, 26ter August from 19:00 to 24:00


Experts for communication and reproduction technology are explaining
change from the morse technology to SMS
change from whire photo to Selfie


Also questions like:"How move pictures into the advertisement catalogue" will be answered by our members and former employees of the company Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell .

                  We will perform live demonstrations of  several devices of

                    communication- and reproduction technology.



       Our Hell booth within the auditorium of the Fachhochschule Kiel

Sokratesplatz 1   24149 Kiel


 FH Illustration 2015






Devices in live action:


Weathermap plotter BS 114


Before, our booth was located between the narrow aisle between the lecture room no 8 and the exit of the Mediendoms. This year, located within the open lobby, there was less "through traffic"; so it was much convenient to have detailed and long discussion or explanations. Though, in comparison with last year allover reduced visitors, we can note the same number of visitors at our booth as last year.


               Museumsnacht 2016 impressions