Morse Recorder UR 39 (1952)  
  The Morse recorder writes the received Morse codes onto a paper strip. A writing arm which is pressed on the paper strip is deflected by an electromagnetic force. The paper strip is inked at the contact point by an ink roll. The Morse recorder can write up to 300 characters per minute.
The received Morse codes are recorded in what is called an undulator mode, i.e. a meander pattern is recorded. From a base position, the recording line is deflected shortly for a dot in the Morse code and longer for a dash. The undulator pattern is easier to read, as opposed to recording dots and dashes directly, particularly in case of noise on the transmission line.

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Catalogue ; 1962 ; 2 pages ; 1,3 MByte ; German
Catalogue ; 1973 ; 4 pages ; 1,1 MByte ; German
Operating manual ;
             1962 ; 22 pages ; 3,4 MByte ;German
Demonstration of the morse devices