Data display device DS 2069
This data display device, based on the micro processor system 8085, was developed in 1981/82
in cooperation with a German company.
It is used for entering and correcting editorial text. Special commands control the typographic properties such as fixed imposition, font size, typeface, etc.
It is equipped with a movable screen, a movable keyboard and two ​5 1⁄4-inch floppy disk drives.
The on-line connection with the typesetting computer (e.g. Siemens 3003/4004 and typesetting program DOSY) is established with a special interface.
It is possible to worke on-line also as  off-line.


DS 2069 Catalogue
  8 pages , 1981   ;     1,4 MByte   ;   German
DS 2069 User manual
  23 pages , 1983  ;    4,1 MByte   ;   German
  Program  "SIPRO"
  This excerpt from the operating manual explains the
  device structure and contains a list of the editing functions.
DS 2069 Technical Explanation
  4 pages  , 1981  ;    580 KByte  ;   German