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Veröffentlichungs-Nummer   US000002113429A  bis  US000003034105A
der Veröffentlichungs Daten  1938 bis 1963
Patent Nummer   Patenttitel Datum
US000002113429A   Arrangement for synchronizing of telegraph apparatus 1938
US000002335410A   Method of transmitting characters by means of revolving drums 1943
US000002356584A   Recording spindle 1944
US000002654802A   Apparatus for synchronizing receivers in facsimile printing systems 1953
US000002656240A   Recording apparatus for the reception of message characters 1953
US000002658106A   Facsimile printing telegraph system and apparatus 1953
US000002674654A   Apparatus for synchronizing facsimile printers 1954
US000002731322A   Recording devices 1956
US000002753034A   Coding machine 1956
US000002819941A   Facsimile telegraph receiver 1958
US000002843663A   Device for transmitting station identification in facsimile telegraphy 1958
US000002843670A   Device for electro-mechanically recording telegraphic impulses 1958
US000002853551A   Page printer facsimile receiver 1958
US000002856459A   Apparatus for controlling facsimile transceivers 1958
US000002857460A   Telegraph code practice keyer 1958
US000002863000A   Device for making printing blocks 1958
US000002877298A   Apparatus for producing printing forms with variable reproduction scale 1959
US000002880270A   Method of and apparatus for electromechanically producing printing forms from line-originals 1959
US000002892887A   Apparatus for producing screened printing forms with automatic correction of tone values 1959
US000002925463A   Method of and apparatus for producing screened printing patterns 1960
US000002938948A   Form-printing facsimile receiver 1960
US000002943148A   Apparatus for transmitting teleprinter characters 1960
US000002949501A   Apparatus for producing punched coding tapes of very long period 1960
US000002986598A   Machine for producing printing plates with variable reproduction scale 1961
US000002993087A   Method of and apparatus for electronic color correction 1961
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